Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Tale of Two Cities

In many parts of Canada, local government elections have just wrapped up. I wanted to focus on two cities where change is in the midst. Toronto, once called the city that works and inspired great urbanist like Jane Jacobs, has elected Rob Ford who believes "It’s time to end the war on cars" by giving back the streets 100% to the auto. He believes that "Streetcars are not the answer to Toronto’s transit needs", "Subways make sense", and will remove on-street bike lanes. He wants to kill Transit City. Jacobs would be turning in her grave.

Meanwhile in Calgary, home of limitless sprawl, the Stampede, and big oil, citizens have elected Naheed Nenshi for mayor. Nenshi believes that "Calgarians will be able to get around easily by any mode of transportation", "Calgary will be a city of sustainable, walkable, livable, complete communities", and "Calgary Transit will be a preferred choice, not the last choice."

I wonder if anyone else notices the irony...

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