Sunday, June 1, 2008

More on Density

Today's Langley Times reports on that new recently approved residential development in City of Langley recently. The Langley Advance report that we posted on Friday also provides a positive view of these densification plans and the benefits to the City.

The two co-founders of SFOT were in a public meeting not long ago, where an older gentlemen said he disliked these high-density developments. He said that when he was growing up many years ago, people knew their neighbors. Another man that was present at this same meeting was not understanding of the need for sustainable development. He wondered why he could not develop his ALR land to accommodate large homes for his children on his acreage.

Nathan and I were a little shocked by these comments to say the least. I think it may be a generational thing, preferring the large property and larges homes?

As for me, I feel that my life has been enriched by some wonderful neighbors in various high-density developments that I have owned an interest in! I've gotten to know many of my neighbors, while sipping a good glass of wine with them on the balcony on a Friday evening after a tough week, or a festive Christmas party in the amenities room. From taking care of pets while people are away to keeping an extra eye out for their property while they are traveling, its all been good.

As our population ages, we will be thankful for these high-density developments and having our neighbors close by. Who knows, they may be the one that save our life one day. The community experience also helps us to grow as people. Its community living, which is "we" living, not "me" living. It takes some adjusting to, and there will be people that abuse the community along the way. But it will surely be nice to abandon the car and traffic for reliable light rail and streetcars that will be sustained by these high-density developments.

I really hope that when the day comes that I must surrender my driver's license due to may age, that I will be able to stay connected to my community and get around without difficulty. I'm still relatively young, but one must think about the future sometimes and this is why I'm an advocate of light rail and mixed-use, high-density development in our community.

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