Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fraser Valley Light Rail - A Tale/A Skit/A Dream for the Future

So, I thought I'd share some fine art today on the blog. The following skit was given to me at our meeting on Tuesday.

I'd really like, To take my bike.
But I need to go far. I'm a student -- No car.

By car, every day. There's no other way.
Need to fill up my tank -- Without robbing a bank.

And me, Still alive, But I no longer drive.
Or if I still drive, I don't WANT to drive.

They say, "Take the bus". But IS there a bus?

We don't have all day. We need a good way.

So what can we do, Since we need to get through?

We're looking for choice, So we speak with one voice.

Let it snow, Let it rain. We'll take the TRAIN.
Hit the Campaign Trail
Fraser Valley Light Rail.

Copyright Val Ridsdale
Rail for the Valley
June 2008
Used with permission

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