Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Langley RCMP Detachment: Strategic Plan Results Update

A joint RCMP/Bylaw Bike Patrol in Langely City

On Monday, Langley City Council received its quarterly update about the Langley RCMP Detachment by Superintendent Adrian Marsden.

While we received the typical crime statistics, more importantly, we received information on how the detachment is tracking with the goals in its strategic plan. I will dive into more detail based on the four pillars of the strategic plan.

One of the main goals of the detachment is to collaborate with partners to support people experiencing homelessness and mental health challenges, referring them to other community partners so that folks can get help.

A significant accomplishment this quarter was setting up the Langley Inter-Agency Frontline Table. This table brings all community partners together, such as the RCMP, provincial ministries and agencies, bylaws, health care, mental health services, the school district, and non-profit service organizations, to identify people with a high need for support and work to get these folks the help they need. This table helps shift away from the fragmented and siloed program-specific approach we typically see to centring the person who needs support, no matter who needs to provide the support. So far, this new "LIFT" table has addressed 19 cases, otherwise known as situations.

Another strategic goal is to ensure the detachment has the staffing to meet the needs of our growing community by reducing workplace vacancies and having a detachment workforce more representative of the diversity of people in Langley.

Superintendent Marsden noted that the detachment had reestablished the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group this last quarter. He also noted building a support team to help support detachment members in crisis.

One of the high visibility strategic goals is maintaining the sense of safety in Langley neighbourhoods and public spaces, which should hopefully correspond with a reduction in "disorder" calls into the detachment.

Superintendent Marsden highlighted the foot and bike patrol in Langley City. Between the beginning of July and the end of September, they performed 196 of these patrols in our community.

In the last quarter, the department also partnered with ICBC on driver safety awareness events, attended several community events, hosted "Coffee with a Cop," and was at our recent Langley City Neighbourhood meetings.

The final strategic goal is building relationships with other public safety partners in Langley or neighbouring municipalities.

The Langely detachment is participating in the Repeat Violent Offending Intervention Initiative, which includes the BC Prosecution Service and BC Correction. The goal is to work together to reduce repeat violent offences in Langley. So far, six people are part of this program in Langley.

The Langley Detachment is also part of the Casino Response Collaborative as Langley Cascades Casino recently became a group member this quarter. The goal is to reduce criminal threats at casinos.

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