Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Crime Prevention-Themed Mural for Downtown Langley

One of Langley City's volunteer Crime Prevention Committee mandates is to raise awareness on how people and businesses can support the reduction of crime in our community. The Committee did extensive research and found that a crime prevention-themed mural would be an excellent way to help educate people as murals:

  • Instantly captures people's attention
  • Are low-cost with a huge impact
  • Create a sense of community, beautify urban spaces, express historical and cultural identity, raise awareness about social issues, and inspire creativity and wonder
Examples of locations for crime prevention-themed murals and vehicle wrap.

The Committee recommended that the City consider installing this mural in one of two locations based on a series of metrics, including visibility:

  • Timms Community Centre/City Hall at the northeast entrance wall
  • The southeast wall of McBurney Plaza

The Committee also recommended creating a crime prevention-themed vehicle wrap that could be put on a City-owned fleet vehicle.

Council received a motion from the Committee to have City staff develop the costing for installing a mural and wrapping one vehicle. Council supported this request.

Councillor Albrecht, who chairs the Committee (with Councillor Mack as the co-chair), suggested that once the costing comes back, and if Council approves moving forward, the Crime Prevention Committee would partner with the City's volunteer Arts, Recreation, Culture and Heritage Committee to design the mural and wrap.

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