Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Intersections with the Most Crashes in Langley City

ICBC keeps data about the number and types of crashes for all roads in BC. This data can help inform decisions on safety improvements to roads.

I’ve posted about this data in the past, including the top intersections with crashes in Langley City and crashes involving people walking and cycling.

ICBC’s latest public data is from 2021, and they have interactive maps available, allowing you to create customized crash data maps.

I thought I’d share a Langley City map showing locations with two or more crashes at an intersection.

Intersections in Langley City with two or more crashes in 2021. Select the map to enlarge.

One thing to remember is that the more people use a road, the higher the likelihood of a crash. Also, the higher the speed, the higher the likelihood of a crash. Unsurprisingly, the Langley Bypass is where the most crashes happen in Langley City. The top two intersections with crashes are 200th Street & the Langley Bypass, and Fraser Highway & the Langley Bypass, both provincially-controlled intersections.

While the difference in crashes between 200th Street and 208th Street stands out, 200th Street has more intersections, including signalized intersections. Signalized intersections are the most dangerous type of intersection.

More surprising was the number of crashes on the 56th Avenue corridor, a City-controller road. The following map shows intersections with ten or more crashes.

Intersections in Langley City with ten or more crashes in 2021. Select the map to enlarge.

This corridor may need some attention. Langley City is updating our Transportation Plan, and road design is integral to creating safer streets. It will be interesting to learn what the future state of the 56th Avenue corridor will look like in the plan, including what measures we can implement to improve safety. For example, roundabouts are one of the safer types of intersections.

My one thought about the data is that ICBC lumps Langley City and Langley Township data together, unlike White Rock and Surrey. I hope ICBC will separate both municipalities’ data in the future.

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