Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Why is 198th Street so bumpy, and when will it be repaved?

198th Street by Brydon Park.

If you’ve walked, rolled, cycled, or driven down 198th Street in the Brydon Park area, you’ll have noticed that it is a quilt work of paving, and calling it a quilt work is generous. This section of road was recently featured in our local newspaper. I live on 55A Avenue and am a daily user of 198th Street.

Due to all the construction in the area, developers’ crew and utilities must dig up the road to connect water, sewer, gas, and telecommunication services. This work means the road has been dug up and patched many times, leading to its current state.

The road must always be safe, even if it is bumpy. Potholes and especially rough sections will be patched. If you feel the road isn’t safe or see a pothole, please report it to Langley City’s Engineering Services Department at 604-514-2997 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm or use “Request for Service.” I’ve submitted a few requests myself to fix potholes on 198th Street.

The City will be able to fully repave 198th Street once three conditions occur:

  • BC Hydro has undergrounded their power lines
  • Redevelopment that fronts 198th Street completes (between 54A and 53)
  • The City has completed upgrading the sanitary sewer along the street (scheduled for 2024/25)

My best estimate (which does not represent the City) is that the final repaving will occur within the next few years.

The City has compiled an FAQ about 198th Street, which you can view on the City’s website.

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