Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Langely City investing $24.1 million in "Working on the Basics" Projects

Person replacing 203rd Street Traffic Signal

A few days ago, a Langley City resident asked me what repaving projects the City was working on.

I thought it would be good to highlight some of the "working on the basics" engineering projects Council approved the budget for and what the City is currently working on.

Total Sewer Projects: $11.3 million

Total Water Projects: $7.5 million

46 Avenue (Between 206A Street and 207A Street)
62 Avenue
200 Street
202 Street (South of 48 Avenue)
Total: $3.1 million

Traffic Signal Upgrades
56 Ave & Langley Bypass Intersection
62 Ave & 203 St Intersection
200 St & Fraser Hwy Intersection
201A St & 56 Ave Intersection
204 St & Fraser Hwy Intersection
208 St & Fraser Hwy Intersection
208 St & 45A Ave Intersection
Douglas Crescent & 203 St Intersection
Plus, Various Other Smaller Upgrades
Total: $1.6 million

201A Street and 53 Avenue
205 Street and 48 Avenue
206 Street and 46A Avenue
208 Street and 45A Avenue
Total: $614,522

Looking at all of the City's projects, excluding property purchases, these "working on the basics" projects' costs represent 43% of the projects approved or under construction in Langley City.

These projects don't include fixing potholes as their repairs are part of the operating budget, not the capital projects budget.

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