Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cyclist and Pedestrian Crash Map

ICBC recently posted crash data on their website and included information about pedestrians and cyclists. The also includes a very handy mapping tool which I used to look at crash locations in the South of Fraser. Besides giving insight into high-crash locations, the data also gives a clue as to where there is a higher concentration of cyclists and pedestrians, and where active transportation facilities need to be improved.

Locations with two or more crashes involving cyclist, 2007-2011
Locations with two or more crashes involving pedestrians, 2007-2011

The one thing that stands out for me in this data is that the main arterial roads in the South of Fraser like Scott Road, King George, 104th, and 200th, need to be made safer for active transportation users. It is interesting to note that Fraser Highway with its completed sidewalks and bike lanes has less crashes than other major corridors in Surrey for example.

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Tim said...

I have overlaid the crash stats on Google Earth. If you are interested in contacting me.