Monday, March 28, 2022

Property Crime Mostly Down Except for Theft From Vehicles. Concerning Public Shootings in Langley.

Last Monday, the Officer in Charge of the Langley Detachment of the RCMP and his staff presented their first-quarter report to Council.

Vehicles Parked on Street

Overall, since 2020, most property crime categories are trending down. There are exceptions, such as possession of stolen property and theft from vehicles which is trending up. Besides the regular theft of items that people leave in vehicles, catalytic convert theft, pickup truck tailgate theft, and gasoline theft by drilling gas tanks are up.

First-quarter property crime statistics for Langley City. Select table to enlarge.

The regular advice of removing anything, including items that may have no value from your vehicle or that isn’t bolted down or locked up, is still relevant.

Parking your vehicle in an enclosed garage or gated parkade also lowers your chance of a criminal targetting you. Criminals will choose the path of least resistance, so the more inconvenient you can make targetting your vehicle, the better.

On the topic of violent crime, there have been five confirmed shooting incidents in Langley this year. Three of the shootings occurred in the Township and one in the City. Another location is currently under investigation. Two of these shootings have occurred in public places, including close to an in-session elementary school. As a result, the Special Response Team and Strike Force have stepped-up law enforcement, targetting people and groups associated with these shootings.

One of the tools the RCMP uses is vehicle checks, and as a result of checking 129 vechile, the police have found $30,000 in cash, $27,500 in black market drugs, and a laundry list of weapons, including knives, batons, and brass knuckles.

These public shootings put innocent people in danger, and I hope the RCMP can subdue this violence in our community.

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