Monday, March 21, 2022

Drilling for proposed development at Surrey border at 46 Ave and 196 St. Langley City concerned.

One of the things that I enjoy is the green space that runs along the Langley/Surrey Border, between 46th Avenue and 53rd Avenue. Unfortunately, the green space between 46th Avenue and Buckley Park/Hi-Knoll Park is private property. This private property is within Surrey, and the owner has decided to develop the property.

Surrey property on the right is subject to development, which will potentially remove 87 trees. Select image to enlarge.

As I posted about last summer, 87 trees may be coming down to accommodate this development of this property.

Tree removal and replacement plan for development project. Select image to enlarge.

Langley City is opposed to this project as:

  1. The only road access for the lots is derived from 196 Street and thus any traffic accessing the property would be required to travel through the City of Langley on 46 Avenue. The City of Langley does not support the creation of new parcels outside its boundaries that rely on City roads for access.
  2. The proposed northward extension of 196 Street in this area is not consistent with the City of Langley’s Master Transportation Plan (and Official Community Plan Road Network Map) and is not supported.
  3. Construction of the proposed 196 Street road extension would negatively impact adjacent City residents through land clearing, earth moving and truck traffic.
  4. The proposed subdivision would create one parcel outside of the Agricultural Land Reserve, potentially encouraging further development applications on these isolated and unserviced boundary lots. Notwithstanding the current “Rural” land use designation, the City of Langley believes that the creation of these parcels will increase the likelihood of future applications for urban development and the attendant requests for urban services.

You may see some work on that property in the coming weeks as they drill for a possible well water source. According to Langley City staff, the owner of the Surrey property still needs to get approval from the Agricultural Land Commission.

Langley City cannot stop this project as all construction, including the lengthening of 196th Street, is within the City of Surrey.


Frankly Speaking said...

Hi Nathan - I am very familiar with this property and have actually ridden my bike on the edge of it, to the west of the fence that is there (and shown in your photo). It seems to me that the City has a few more tools in the tool chest which can be used - notably through bylaw enforcement when large vehicles are accessing the property. While I am aware you have to avoid becoming too picayune., you make a very good point in discussing the impact on the neighbourhood - which is very quiet and secluded. The upland portion of this property really should become a park - it would be a natural extension of Hi-Knoll Park. That would protect Anderson Creek, which remains an important spawning stream. Has the City suggested a think like that that to Surrey? Frank Bucholtz

Nathan Pachal said...

I don’t think the City has suggested that, but I believe Surrey is requiring a public dedication around the river.