Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Langley City’s Priority Needs for Vulnerable Populations

Public Washroom

All orders of government, local, provincial, and federal, have a role to play in supporting vulnerable people.

In Langley City, we have at least three provincial ministries, Fraser Health, and a dozen or so non-profits that provide support services to vulnerable people in our community. Because local government is closest to the community and can see the whole picture, local government’s role has expanded to become that of a facilitator of services for vulnerable people.

Langley City recently contracted a social planner to develop an action plan for addressing the priority needs of vulnerable people in our community. The following is a list of some of the needs:

  • Advocate for a mobile and peer-monitored washroom and showing facility
  • Create a hub for mental health and substance use services at Langley Memorial Hospital and future Surrey Cloverdale Hospital with coordinated mobile, community outreach, and virtual care options that would have services catering to all demographics
  • Develop a joint Langley City and Township of Langley emergency weather response plan, including shelters, cooling centres, and warming centres
  • Work with BC Housing to ensure that people living in Langley area hotels over the last few years remain housed
  • Foster a diverse housing supply from subsidized housing to market rental housing in Langely City, avocating to the provincial or federal government for funding when required
  • Advocate to BC Housing for increased levels of rental subsidies for low income and vulnerable people

If Council approves Langley City’s proposed 2022 budget, the social planner will continue working with the province and non-profits in our community to address these needs. A coordinated approach will increase the effectiveness of programs and services that already exist in our community, and many of the needs identified will not require additional funding.

For more information, please read the full report.

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