Thursday, February 3, 2022

Development Matters: Apartment Projects Along 55A Avenue and 53A Avenue. Lady Luck Tattoo Relocation.

On January 24th, Langely City Council held a public hearing for a proposed rezoning to enable a 96-unit apartment building that varies in height between 4-storeys and 6-storeys located at 19701-19729 55A Ave.

Rendering of the proposed apartment along 55A Ave. Select image to enlarge.

Site plan of the proposed apartment along 55A Ave. Select image to enlarge.

Langley City’s Advisory Design Panel, which consists of an accessible representative, architects, landscape architects, members of the public, and police, made the following recommendation which the proponent of the project accepted:

  • Improve maintenance access to outdoor patios
  • Update pergola in amenity area from metal to plexiglass
  • Improve access between north parking space/aisle area and elevators in the parkade
  • Improve access between bike storage and elevators in the parkade
  • Increased e-bike use and bike maintenance in the design of the bike storage area (roughed in provisions for future electric bike charging.)

Council received close to two-dozen pieces of written input about the proposed rezoning. Most people were concerned about the height of the building, increased traffic, and on-street parking.

At the public hearing, five people provided feedback. One person was a renter on the proposed apartment site and wondered when they would have to move. Two people were concerned about on-street parking during and after construction. Two other people expressed their complete opposition to the proposed project.

City staff noted that the building would have a setback of 7 meters on the sides and rear. The proponent indicated that there would be 4 meters of grass between the building and the street.

City staff also noted that the project would result in 12 new on-street parking spots and a wider road around the project (to be the same width as other sections of 55 A Ave) if it moves forward.

City staff noted that there would be a construction management plan to ensure access to the neighbourhood isn’t cut off.

At the January 24th meeting, Council approved final reading for a rezoning bylaw and issued a development permit to enable a 5-storey, 56-unit apartment project at 20179, 20189 and 20199 53A Ave. You can read more about this project in a previous post.

At the January 31st meeting, Council approved third and final reading to update the zoning bylaw to allow Lady Luck Tattoo to relocate from 20785 Fraser Highway to 103 - 20258 Fraser Highway. You can read more about this in a previous post .

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