Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Langley City’s Proposed $17 million 2022 Capital Budget

There are two parts to Langley City’s proposed 2022 Financial Plan. The operating budget allocates ongoing funding. The capital budget allocates funds that occur as one-offs, infrequently or are tangible assets such as a new playground or replaced traffic signal.

Over the past week, I’ve focused on the operating budget. Langley City Council and staff are proposing a $17 million capital budget in 2022.

The City funds the capital budget through property taxes, casino revenue, developer contributions, and grants from TransLink, the province, and the federal government. Property taxes fund about 46% of the proposed 2022 capital budget.

The following highlights some of the larger capital items proposed for this year.

Sewer Projects: $5,871,000

Waterworks Projects: $3,645,000

Replace 20-Year Old Fire Truck: $1,300,000

Traffic Signal Projects: $675,000

Parks Maintenance Equipment Replacement (Tractors, Mowers, Etc.): $450,000

Paving: $400,000

Parking Study to review regulations and provide recommendations that may include: permit parking, metered parking, and time-based parking for areas throughout the City: $100,000

Langley City Operations Centre

Operation Centre Detailed Design: $1,000,000
The current operation centre is located on 198th Street in the industrial area. It is at the end of its life (to put it nicely.) All City crews and equipment are based out of this centre. I’ve toured the facility, and while the City has kept it in working order, the current facility would cost more to upgrade than replace and does not meets our community’s current operational needs. The first phase of funding will complete the architectural drawings required to build the new facility.

Please read more about the capital budget starting on page 130 of Langley City’s 2022 – 2026 Financial Plan.

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