Thursday, October 7, 2021

Development Matters: Apartment Project and Industrial Project

Beyond the 13-unit townhouse project which I posted about yesterday, Langely City Council also gave first and second reading to a suite of bylaws that would enable:

A 2-building, 5,561 m2 (59,858 sq. ft) industrial-office development at the corner of 56th Avenue and 200th Street.

Rendering of proposed project at 19959, 19971, & 19985 56 Avenue; 5643 & 5647 200 Street.

A 6-storey, 113-unit apartment building at the corner of Michaud Crescent and 200th Street.

Rendering of proposed project at 5370 & 5380 200 Street; 5371 & 5381 200A Street; 20010 & 20020 Michaud Crescent; 20031 53B Avenue.

One of the highlights for the industrial-office development is that the project will retain the two large trees along 200th Street. Given the importance of retaining large trees whenever possible, which Langley City residents support, I was pleased to see this.

For the apartment project, the proponent is considering using synthetic turf (plastic grass) as part of the landscaping. This fake grass caused great concern for Langley City’s Advisory Design Panel, consisting of residents, architects, and landscape architects. Beyond introducing more plastic into our environment, plastic grass also contributes to the heat island effect. Council was also not impressed, based on the feedback I heard during first and second reading of the rezoning bylaw for the project.

The next step for these projects will be a public hearing. I will post more about these two projects after the public hearing.

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