Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Langley City’s New Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw: What Did People Say?

Starting in the spring of 2019, Langley City has been in the process of updating our Official Community Plan (OCP).

An OCP is like the constitution of municipalities; infrastructure planning and land use management must be consistent with an OCP. The most visible connection most people have to an OCP is in relationship to zoning.

Langley City retained the services of MODUS Planning, Design & Engagement to help us create a new OCP and accompanying updated zoning bylaw.

Getting people involved in the creation of the new OCP is critical.

During the summer of last year, there was a staffed tent at two community events to get people’s feedback around the new OCP and zoning bylaw. A total of 312 interactions took place at these events. 50 people attended open houses in the fall.

107 people took part in a series of workshops. One of the workshops was for high-level visioning. The other four workshops were focused each on the business community, development, the environment, and general community.

592 people took part in an online survey about the new OCP and updated zoning bylaw.

The following key themes emerged from the engagement activities:

Affordable Living & Diverse Housing for all Generations

  • Designate a Mosaic of Land Uses
  • Develop a Broader Range of Zones
  • Create Missing Middle Options
  • Increase Supply & Mix of Tenures
  • Renew Purpose Built Rental Housing
  • Foster Strategic Housing Partnerships

A Highly Connected City Aligned with Rapid Transit

  • Integrate Sidewalks, Paths, & Trails in All Places
  • Place Destinations in Proximity of Homes
  • Provide a Journey that is Safe & Pleasant
  • Encourage Cycling & Transit for Longer Distances
  • Leverage Rapid Transit Investment

A Safe & Inclusive Community Rich with Cultural Destinations

  • Create Safe & Attractive Public Places
  • Offer Excellent Parks, and Recreational Spaces & Programming
  • Build a Performing Arts Centre as a Cultural Hub
  • Incorporate Child Care into Land Use Regulation
  • Nurture Cultural Diversity & Relationships

A Responsive Economy that Creates New Jobs

  • Attract Office Space & the Technology Sector
  • Establish an Innovation Boulevard
  • Protect & Intensify the Industrial Land Base
  • Support Small & Local Businesses

Environmental Solutions to Fight Climate Change

  • Align Land Use & Transportation
  • Protect & Enhance the Natural Environment
  • Adopt the Step Code & Encourage Green Design
  • Reduce Parking Requirements
  • Produce More Urban Food
  • Incorporate Green Infrastructure & Technology

A land-use concept plan as shown below was created based on the engagement results.

Draft Land-Use Concept Plan for Langley City. Select map to enlarge. Source: Langley City.

Broadly, the highest densities of housing and commercial uses will occur near the future SkyTrain stations. Because 200th Street and 208th Street will be future RapidBus corridors, introducing townhouses and du-tri-fourplexes up to 3-storeys is being considered along these corridors.

In the current single-family neighbourhoods north of Grade Crescent, bound by 200th Street and 208th Street, the introduction of garden suites and coach homes is being considered.

New walkable neighbourhood retail is being proposed as noted by the red stars on the land-use concept plan.

There is little green space in the northwest sector of Langley City. Creating new open spaces or green space is being proposed in the new OCP.

For more information, please read the “Key Directions Report.” The next step in this process is the creation of policies and regulations that will become part of the new OCP and zoning bylaw.

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