Wednesday, July 29, 2020

2019 Langley City Expenses: Council, Staff, and Suppliers Breakdown

One of the requirements for every municipality in BC is to disclose the salaries, expenses, and benefits for members of council on an annual basis. The following table shows the 2019 financial information for Langley City council.

Name Remuneration Expenses Benefits Total
Mayor Valaria van den Broek $115,446.00 $19,822.00 $133.00 $135,401.00
Councillor Paul E Albrecht $53,874.00 $4,869.00 $3,990.00 $62,733.00
Councillor Teri L James $53,874.00 $545.00 $2,760.00 $57,179.00
Councillor Gayle ME Martin $51,950.00 $7,806.00 $133.00 $59,889.00
Councillor Nathan J Pachal $53,874.00 $14.00 $133.00 $54,021.00
Councillor Rudolph Storteboom $55,798.00 $6,444.00 $2,303.00 $64,545.00
Councillor Rosemary HM Wallace $53,874.00 $7,961.00 $3,990.00 $65,825.00

Benefits include travel and accident insurance, extended health, and dental. Expenses include travel costs and fees to attend conferences or events per the City’s “Travel and Expense Policy.” Travel costs within the City or Township of Langley cannot be expensed.

The total cost of council was $499,593, or 1.2% of total operating expenses, in 2019 for Langley City.

In addition, the salaries and expenses of all municipal employees must also be provided annually. For people with a salary of more than $75,000, this information is broken-down per employee. For people with a salary under $75,000, this information is provided as a group. In 2019, Langley City employees’ salaries and expenses totaled $12,241,663.

Finally, a named list of suppliers of goods or services to municipalities must also be disclosed annually. If a municipality has spent less than $25,000 with a supplier, the name of the supplier is not included in the disclosure. In 2019, Langley City had a total of $43,883,952 in disbursements to suppliers.

For more information about Langley City employees’ salaries and expenses, plus the named list of suppliers, please read the 2019 “Statement of Financial Information (SOFI)” starting at page 25.

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