Tuesday, July 21, 2020

July 20 Public Hearing: 400m buffer between existing and new tattoo services/vape stores. Spa definition update.

At the end of the last month, Langley City council gave first and second reading to update our zoning bylaw to consider requiring a 400m buffer between existing tattoo services and any future tattoo service, and a 400m buffer between existing vape stores and any future vape store.

This 400m buffer already applies to pharmacies and thrift stores in Langley City.

The bylaw also updates the definition of “spa”, requiring that treatments be provided by people who are registered under the Health Professions Act, or would be eligible for a business license as a therapeutic touch therapist.

Langley City council and staff convened a public hearing last night around the proposed changes to the zoning bylaw.

In addition to the normal notices that Langley City places for public hearings, notices were also mailed to all 12 tattoo services and vape shops in our community.

Council received a letter from Michael Prior who is the owner of LadyLuck Tattoo. He also spoke at the public hearing.

He was concerned that as an existing business, with the 400m buffer in place, it would make it hard to move to a new location if another tattoo service was within that buffer. Staff noted that he could apply to council to allow the move, even if it was 400m from another tattoo service.

He also noted that he would prefer a bylaw that would cap the number of tattoo services instead of providing for a 400m buffer.

Finally, he noted that nail salons, brow parlours, and lash lounges should also be considered for this interim bylaw update.

Council also received a letter from Guannan Song who is the owner of Vaping Bear. He asked if there were any suggestions around “how we can design and improve our frosted storefront windows to present a more vibrant business image for the community.”

The purpose of a public hear is for council to listen to input from the community. Debate about this proposed bylaw update will occur at a future council meeting.

For more information about this proposed bylaw update, please read my previous post on this topic. This is a proposed interim bylaw; it will be replaced early next year as part of the overall major official community plan and zoning bylaw update.

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