Tuesday, July 14, 2020

July 13 Council Meeting: Second Life for Hunter Park Trees. Resolving Uplands Dog Off Leash Park Drainage Issues. Underground Utilities and Other Updates.

Since the start of the COVID-19 state of emergency, Langley City staff have been incredibly busy. They have been working to make sure that our community services remain up and running, while at the same time completely changing how we deliver a significant number of programs that residents and businesses rely on, following public health orders.

Yesterday afternoon, Langley City council received updates about the Fraser Valley Regional Library (FVRL) as well as active City projects and programs.

The FVRL is currently providing a full range of programming and services online. In addition, they are offering a curbside pickup service for items such as physical books, audiobooks, and kits. FVRL staff are currently working on a plan to reopen library spaces, but there is no timeline on when this reopening will occur.

Back in 2016, a significant number of trees needed to be removed from Hunter Park to prevent the spread of laminated root rot. Langley City has staff members who are woodworkers, so these removed trees have been upcycled into signage at Hunter Park, Brydon Lagoon, and Sendall Gardens. They have also been used for fencing. Coming soon, you will see benches at City Park made from these same trees.

The City is also renewing many of the walkways that connect through neighbourhoods. The Hunter Park trees were recently used to restore the staircase that connects 197A Street to 50th Avenue.

Work is also complete at McBurney Plaza. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication between the original contractor for the project and the City which resulted in the trees being planted inappropriately. This has been rectified, and the new trees should remain healthy for many years to come.

New Trees at McBurney Plaza. Select image to enlarge.

If you walk through Innes Corners Plaza, you’ll notice that City staff have updated the plantings.

There have been drainage issues at Uplands Dog Off Leash Park for some time. The City is nearing completion of a project which should resolve this matter.

The entrances to the park are also being upgraded, along with a new shorter walking loop which will include benches and new trees.

While it is hidden, the City has an extensive investment in water, sewer, and storm sewer lines. The City has an on-going program to inspect these underground assets to make sure that repairs can be made to extend the life of these assets as well as to ensure that our utilities remain reliable. This is a long-term program.

Langley City council saw some examples of issues in our storm sewer lines including from contractors that have caused damage to these pipes.

While it will never generate a news headline, the inspection and repair program of our underground utilities ensures that when you turn on a tap, you’ll get cleaning drinking water, and that when you flush the toilet, wastewater will flow to a Metro Vancouver sewer treatment plant.

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