Monday, June 15, 2020

Metro Conversations – COVID 19 Recovery, Reallocation of Road Space, and Black Lives Matter

Since the last episode of Metro Conversations at the beginning of April, BC has transitioned from a wide-scale shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic to gradually re-opening. In many communities, roads and park spaces have been reallocated to accommodate restaurant patios, sidewalks, and bike lanes. What does this mean for economic recovery and community well-being?

Meanwhile, the Black Lives Matter movement is re-igniting conversations about the Colonial and racist foundations of many Canadian institutions, including the very form of our government.

Councillors Nathan Pachal from Langley City, Mathew Bond from the District of North Vancouver, and Patrick Johnstone from New Westminster talk about what it means to be white-passing, ways in which systemic racism can be addressed, and what it means to listen, learn, and get out of the way.

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