Thursday, June 25, 2020

Making crossing safer at 206th Street and Douglas Crescent. Walking Priority Signal.

Since being elected to Langley City council, one of the common concerns that I’ve heard from residents is about the intersection of 206th Street and Douglas Crescent. This intersection sees a high volume of people walking. It is also located right next to a playground and near Douglas Park Community School.

People at this intersection who are driving make a significant number of left and right turns. Many times, people who are driving are not mindful of people who are about to walk across the intersection, or are already walking across the intersection, resulting in a significant amount of near misses.

Langley City staff have upgraded this intersection to include a pedestrian led interval for the traffic signal at this intersection. When someone walking pushes the crossing button, they will get a walking signal for around 5 seconds before the traffic light turns from red to green in the direction that they are travelling.

This helps people driving see people walking, before making a turn. It also helps to reinforces pedestrian priority at intersection.

The following pictures show what this looks like at 206th Street and Douglas Crescent.

Example of pedestrian led interval signal walking eastbound on Douglas Crescent. Select image to enlarge.

Example of pedestrian led interval signal walking northbound on 206th Street. Select image to enlarge.

Since this change has been implemented, I have felt safer while crossing this intersection, and have not had to run out of the way of someone turning their vehicle.

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