Tuesday, December 4, 2018

December 3, 2018 Council Meeting Notes: Long Service Award Ceremony, Budget Amendments, plus a Parking and Management Plan for a Proposed Construction Project

Last night was a special council meeting as it was an opportunity for the mayor, council, and senior city staff to acknowledge and thank people who have worked for the City for more than 10 years. There were several people who received a long service award for working at Langley City for 10 years, and several others that received a long service award for working at the City for 20 years. Every person who received the long service award had interesting stories about their commitment to our community. One interesting fact that we heard last night was that there are now second-generation people who work for the City. One person’s parent worked for the City, and now this person does.

People at the long service award recognition section of the council meeting. Select image to enlarge.

I posted last month about proposed amendments to the City’s 2018 capital budget to support our new Nexus Vision and other matters that surfaced during the year. You can read more about the additional projects in that previous post. Last night, opportunity was provided for people in the community to provide feedback on the amended budget. No one took advantage of that opportunity. Council gave final reading and approved the amended capital budget.

Last month, council held a public hearing for the proposed rezoning and development permit for the properties located at 5398, 5410, and 5448 208 Street to accommodate a 40-unit, 4-storey apartment building. Council asked the proponent of the project to provide a construction traffic management plan, construction parking management plan, and answer some specific questions about the underground parking.

Map from Construction Traffic Management Plan for the proposed project on the south-east corner of Douglas Crescent and 208th Street. Select map to enlarge.

The proponent provided the information requested by council. I was happy to see that the project’s proponent also secured off-street parking at St. Joseph's Church for the construction crew.

Redevelopment does have negative impacts to the community during the construction phase. I’ve heard from people who live near job sites about traffic, parking, garbage, and noise issues. By addressing some of these challenges, we can maintain the quality of life for current residents in our community.

Council gave third reading to the rezoning bylaw.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting about the other matters addressed at last night’s council meeting.

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