Thursday, November 22, 2018

November 19, 2018 Council Meeting Notes: Langley City’s Nexus vision implementation progressing. Updates to the capital budget approved.

This summer, Langley City council approved our new vision called “Langley City: Nexus of Community”. This is a comprehensive framework that will guide all aspects of community planning over the next decade. To make this vision become a reality, action will need to be taken. In a previous post, I outlined some of the key action items that will be required to implement the Nexus vision.

A presentation slide about the progress made on implementing “Langley City: Nexus of Community” to date. Select image to enlarge.

On Monday, Langley City council received an update on the steps that are already underway to move forward with the Nexus vision as follows:

Communication Plan

  • Communication plan approved by council
  • Community outreach throughout 2019

Building a Strong Foundation

  • Official Community Plan update starting in 2019
  • Zoning Bylaw update starting in 2019


  • Downtown and Transit Corridor Master Plan starting in 2019
  • Nicomekl River District Neighbourhood plan starting in 2019
  • Property Fund approved by council


  • Economic Development Commissions task group will start in 2019


  • Performing Arts and Culture Centre task group will start in 2019

Council also approved some changes to our capital budget to align with the Nexus vision, and to address some other matters that have surfaced during this year. These changes do not directly impact property taxation.

Directly Supports Nexus

  • Official Community Plan Update - $150,000
  • Zoning Bylaw Update $60,000
  • Nicomekl River District Neighbourhood Plan - $100,000
  • Transit Hub Design - $30,000
  • Performing Arts Centre Feasibility Study, Phase 2 - $50,000
  • Prosperity Fund for Land Acquisition - $1 million
  • Rogers Hometown Hockey Event - $25,000
  • Community Day Event - $6,000

Other Matters

  • Traffic Signal Upgrade, 200 St & Logan Ave - $122,000
  • Pedestrian Button Replacement at Crosswalks - $30,000
  • Traffic Calming in School Zones - $75,000
  • 203 St Fibre Optic Cable, Douglas Crescent to Fire Hall - $40,000
  • Capital Asset Appraisal - $30,000
  • Municipal Insurance Association Risk Management Plan - $16,630
  • Wire Theft Deterrents - $15,000

The next four years will be exciting as this is the first time that Langley City has ever started to implement a comprehensive plan for our whole community. I look forward to consulting with members of our community as we move forward.

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