Wednesday, November 21, 2018

November 19, 2018 Council Meeting Notes: Discovery Langley City’s contract renewed until end of 2022, plus an update on capital projects in our community

Yesterday, I posted about re-zoning bylaws and development permits that were heard at the Monday night Langley City council meeting. Today, I will be posting on some of the other matters that were on the agenda.

Around this time last year, Langley City in partnership with its hoteliers launched Discover Langley City to promote our community as a destination for visitors in Metro Vancouver. The City sent out an RFP for anyone who was interested in becoming the service provider for the Discover Langley City brand. The Downtown Langley Business Association (DLBA) was the successful bidder, and a one-year contract was awarded to that organization. Based on the performance of the DLBA, City council extended their contract to deliver destination marketing services until December 31, 2022.

One of the primary purposes of Discover Langley City is to promote people spending the night in Langley City as it is mostly funding by a surcharge on the price of hotel and an Airbnb rooms in our community.

Due to our community’s size, the people who would most likely visit our community are people that already live in Metro Vancouver or people who are already visiting Metro Vancouver for another reason. Discovery Langley City will be ramping up marketing to people in our region to visit Langley City.

In 2019, Discover Langley City plans to continue to work on attracting and promoting new multi-day events in our community. Some of the events in the works next year include Rogers Hometown Hockey and the Canadian Festival of Chili and Barbecue.

For more information about Discover Langley City, please visit their website.

City council also received an update on the various projects that are happening in our community. One of the things that you will have noticed over the last few years is that the City has been busy replacing and repairing water mains. Some of our water mains contain asbestos in the concrete. Under normal use, this is perfectly safe, but special training is required when doing repair work. Our City crews received specialized training around working with this type of pipe recently.

City crews recevied training around working with asbestor cement pipes. Select image to enlarge

If you walk around Downtown and Douglas Park, you’ll notice that there are new Christmas lights and decorations that have been installed.

New Christmas lights around Downtown and Douglas Park. Select image to enlarge.

Work is continuing on adding new trails at Conder Park, and completing the new sidewalk along 46A Avenue. The Duncan Way multi-use path has also been recently completed with more sidewalks coming soon to that area.

Work will be finishing up shortly along Douglas Crescent between 206th and 208th Street except for paving which will be completed in the spring when the weather is consistently above 10°C.

Upgrades were recently completed to create a public outdoor patio at City Hall. Water mains in our community are currently being flush to ensure that our water quality remains top-rate. The culvert across 50 Avenue was also recently completed.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting about the progress to date on the implementation of our new Nexus community vision.

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