Tuesday, November 27, 2018

TransLink’s Accountability Centre shows positive impacts from increasing bus service

Over the last few years, TransLink has been adding statistics to a section of their website called the Accountability Centre. The Accountability Centre shows some key performance metrics about the agency such as ridership, customer satisfaction, safety, and efficiency. It is similar to the Accountability Center which is part of the King County Metro Transit website.

One of the metrics that most people look at is transit ridership. The Accountability Centre provides both detailed year-over-year statistics, and high-level historical statistics.

Monthly Boardings. Select chart to enlarge.

Historic Ridership Trends. Select chart to enlarge.

The chart that I find most interesting is boarding by service type. This chart shows the number of times people enter a fare paid zone which includes buses, trains, and boats.

2018 Boardings by Service Type. Select chart to enlarge.

Around 62% of boardings occur on buses in our region. This is a significant number. While SkyTrain may generate 90% of the headlines, it is really the bus system that is the backbone of transit service in Metro Vancouver.

Currently transit service is seeing its biggest expansion in several decades. While it hasn’t gotten much attention, major investments are being made to expand bus service.

Currently funded is an 18% increase in bus service throughout our region which includes 7 new B-Line routes. If the Mayors’ Council can figure out funding, their will be an additional 7% increase in bus service which includes a further 5 new B-Lines.

Over the coming years, it will be interesting to see if a higher portion of boardings will occur on buses in our region as increased service continues to be rolled out. I’ll certainly be checking the Accountability Centre. I also look forward to even more performance data being made available online by TransLink.

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