Thursday, March 8, 2018

March 5, 2018 Council Meeting Notes: Redevelopment proposals, park improvements, and walking safety enhancements

So far this week, I have posted about the Langley Urban Agricultural Demonstration Project and the changes coming to transit service along Fraser Highway. Both items were topics covered at Monday night’s Langley City council meeting. Today, I will be posting about the remaining items that were on the agenda.

Redevelopment proposals continue to come in at a steady rate for the area of our community bounded by 200 Street, 53 Avenue, 56 Avenue, and Surrey. There were two rezoning applications to support proposed townhouse projects that were up for public hearing on Monday.

The first proposed project is located along 55 Avenue. Huntsfield Green was one of the first townhouse projects in the area, built in the early 1990s. When redevelopment in the area picked up a few years ago, the residents of this complex were concerned about the impact redevelopment would have on their quality of life. At the public hearing on Monday, Keith Green who is the president of Huntsfield Green, commended the developer of the proposed 55 Avenue project for being a good neighbour.

The proposed project is phase three of their “Terraces” townhouses. This proposed project will contain 64, 3-storey townhouses. As part of the proposed project, the developer also committed to contributing funds to enhance the western half of Brydon Park.

Render of proposed townhouse project located along 55 Avenue at 198 Street.

The second proposed 33 unit, 3-storey townhouse project is located along 56 Avenue at 196 Street. All access to the units will be via a lane way.

Rendering of proposed townhouse project at 56 Avenue and 196 Street. Select image to enlarge.

One of the features in both projects is that they will be electric vehicle-ready which will allow for easy EV charging station retrofits. Council gave third reading for rezoning for both proposed projects.

Land-use contracts were used back in the 1970s. These contracts supersede bylaws. In 2024, all land-use contract will be eliminated in BC. In the meantime, Langley City will terminate land-use contracts earlier at the request of an owner. The owner of 20217 44 Avenue asked for their land-use contract to be discharged to enable the underling zoning which permits secondary suites. As a note in Langley City, secondary suites are only permitted in owner-occupied houses. Council gave third reading to discharge the land-use contract.

Langley City council also provided consent to allow Abbotsford to leave the parks function of Metro Vancouver.

A slide showing one of the new LED lights installed at Douglas Park. Select image to enlarge.

Our Engineering department continues to be extremely busy with projects. A few of the projects that I wanted to highlight include:

  • Two new pedestrian crossing signals which will be installed at 204 Street at 54 Avenue, and at 208 Street at 50A Avenue, by the end of March.
  • New LED lighting in Douglas Park
  • New Michaud Park Community Garden that will be ready for the growing season
  • New Penzer Park washroom which will be completed by the end of July
  • New Penzer Park parking lot which will be completed this spring

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Anonymous said...

I would like to see some effort to slow traffic from 56 thru Grade Crescent on 203 St ....the’new look’ of 203 St has not slowed traffic fact many drivers can be noted at speed, and ignoring the two marked pedestrian crossings at 54 and 53A. Traffic one 204 also travels at high speeds between 56 and 53....

Both these streets border residences which are home to many seniors who are not mobile and require assistance when walking.