Thursday, February 8, 2018

February 5, 2018 Council Meeting Notes: Smart City initiatives and traffic calming. Abbotsford leaving parks function of Metro Vancouver.

Over the past few days, I’ve been posting about Monday night’s council meeting including the committee of the whole to hear public feedback on the 2018-22 Financial Plan, and an update on Langley’s new Intensive Case Management Team which is working on getting people with substances use issues stabilized and housed. Today will be my final post about Monday’s meeting.

Rick Bomhof provided an update on the projects from the departments that he oversees. One of the larger initiatives is implementing traffic calming in speeding hot-spots in our community. Traffic calming is now being installed along 50th Avenue, including curb bulges in front of Conder Park. During the summer, there were several crashes in the area.

50th Avenue - Curb bulges in front of Conder Park. Select image to enlarge.

One of the buzz words going around is “Smart City”. This means using connected sensors to get real-time data about our city to help make better decisions. The City has been installing frost sensors in our streets. The latest batch were installed at 200th Street at 44th Avenue, and along the 5700 block of 198th Street. These sensors help the City know when crews need to provide winter maintenance for our roads, allowing the City to make more efficient use of crews as well as materials.

New Frost Sensors installed on 200th Street at 44th Avenue, and the 5700 block on 198th Street. Select image to enlarge.

City crews are busy installing water and sewer services for a new washroom at Penzer Park. Crews also recently installed a new water service to support the new Michaud Park Community Garden.

Other significant projects on-the-go include:

  • City Park Spray Park Expansion
  • 48 Avenue Sewer Replacement
  • Culvert Relining under Fraser Highway near Production Way, and under the Langley Bypass
  • Fraser Highway One-Way Redesign
  • Booster Pump Station Decommissions on 200th Street
  • SCADA System Upgrades (Supports Smart City)

Kim Hilton provided an update on recreation opportunities in our community. You can find out about these various actives, and signup online on the City’s recently redesigned website.

Later during the meeting, Council gave first, second and third reading to a bylaw to allow the reconfiguration of the cul-de-sac on 199A Street.

Plan for 199A Street cul-de-sac reconfiguration. Select image to enlarge.

Abbotsford is not in Metro Vancouver, but it is a participant in the parks function of the regional district for historical reasons. Abbotsford is looking to leave the parks function. This would see Matsqui Trail, Sumas Mountain Regional Parks, and the eastern portion of Glen Valley Regional Park being transferred to the City of Abbotsford. Two-thirds of Metro Vancouver regional district members must support this. Langley City council passed a motion in support of transition these parks to Abbotsford.

For non-profit societies to be able to conduct door-to-door canvassing, they need approval from council. Council approved door-to-door canvassing which will benefit: the Canadian Cancer Society, Word Vision, Red Cross, BC Children’s Hospital, and the World Wildlife Fund.

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