Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Newly restored Hunter Park in Picture

In the fall of 2016, Langley City staff discovered that Laminated Root Rot has spread to a significant number of trees in the Hunter Park area. Hunter Park is located near 200th Street at 45A Avenue. The park was acting like a mini-urban forest, but the root rot meant that the majority of trees had to be removed to prevent the disease from spreading, and to protect the safety of people and buildings in the area.

The Hunter Park Task Force was struck by the City. The task force included both City staff and local area residents who worked together to design a new Hunter Park. The task force approved a new design for the park at the beginning of April last year, with council approving the design at the end of April. Work started right away on restoring the park.

With the restoration of Hunter Park essentially complete, I recently visited the park. I took a few pictures which are below. While Hunter Park is not the same as it was, the newly restored park looks great, and should serve folks in the community well.

New Hunter Park entrance off 45A Avenue. Select image to enlarge.

New grass area in the centre of Hunter Park. Select image to enlarge.

Information board along walking trail in Hunter Park. Select image to enlarge.

Tree stumps which will remain in Hunter Park as a reminder of the former urban forest. Select image to enlarge.

A new tree planted in Hunter Park. Select image to enlarge.

Local/natural planted area in Hunter Park. Select image to enlarge.

Hunter Park playground. Select image to enlarge.

Entrance to Hunter Park off 45B Avenue. Select image to enlarge.

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