Thursday, June 29, 2017

June 26, 2017 Council Meeting Notes: 200th Street Bridge Renewal, MedWatch Program Roll-out, and Development Projects

This week, I have been posting about the topics covered at Monday night’s Langley City council meeting. Earlier this week, I posted about new positive activities approved by council. I also posted about the City’s Annual Report and financial information. Today, I will cover the remaining items from the agenda.

Location of 200 Street Bridge Replacement. Select map to enlarge.

Langley City is investing $1.4 million to renew the 200th Street Bridge that crosses the Nicomekl River. The current bridge was constructed in 1976, and was designed to last 50 years. The following components of the bridge will be renewed:

  • Replacement of the existing concrete deck with a reinforced concrete deck
  • New concrete sidewalk overlay
  • New pier diaphragm (prevents water from entering pier cap)
  • Substructure repairs of delaminated concrete and corroded reinforcing steel
  • Pile repairs
  • Re-profile approach pavements
  • Replace abutment shear keys

This restoration work will extend the life of the bridge by an additional 20 years. At the same time, sections of 200th Street just south of the bridge will be repaved. The bridge will remain open during construction, though with reduced capacity, and work should be completed later in the fall.

At the council meeting, the Langley Division of Family Practice (physicians), Langley City Firefighters, and Township of Langley Firefighters delivered a presentation about their recently launched MedWatch program. This program was created to ensure that vital information about people’s medical histories and requests, such as no CPR information, is readily available to first responders in the event of a medial emergency.

This program is being rolled-out at doctor’s offices throughout Langley. The MedWatch information is meant to be jointly completed by you and your doctors, and will ensure that you get the medical care that you want in an emergency. Please ask your doctor about becoming a part of the MedWatch program.

Council gave final approval to a rezoning bylaw and authorized a development permit for a new apartment building that will be built on the former site of the Carroll Court and Merton Court apartments along 201 A Street. You can read more about this project on a previous post.

Proposed "phase-2" townhouse project at 198 Street and 55 A Avenue. Select image to enlarge.

First and second reading was also given for another rezoning bylaw for a 17-unit townhouse project proposed for the corner of 198 Street and 55 A Avenue. This will allow a public hearing to be scheduled at a future council meeting. This rezoning bylaw, if approved by council, would allow for phase-2 of a townhouse project that had phase-1 approved previously. I will post more information about this project after the public hearing.

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