Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A first look at Surrey LRT, public feedback wanted

With the federal government now committed to investing billions of dollars into public transit infrastructure, and with all provincial parties now clamouring in support of transit investment, planning for the imminent construction of light rail in Surrey is once again moving forward.

Earlier this week, TransLink released new information about the Surrey-Newton-Guildford light rail project, and is seeking feedback on their LRT vision. As part of seeking public feedback, TransLink has posted new information, drawings, and renderings of what LRT could look like in Surrey.

One of the big changes that light rail will bring, besides faster and higher-capacity transit service, is a complete resign of King George Boulevard and 104 Avenue.

The following drawing shows what 104 Avenue may look like. 104 could be transformed from a four-lane, auto-oriented corridor, to an multi-modal corridor with reduced vehicle travel lanes, protected bike lanes, sidewalks, and of course light rail.

Illustrative example of 104 Avenue east of 114 Street. Select image to enlarge.

King George Boulevard could be transformed from a four- to six-lane highway into a real multi-modal boulevard with street trees, reduced vehicle travel lanes, protected bike lanes, and sidewalks with light rail running down the middle of the corridor.

Illustrative example of King George Boulevard and 76 Avenue. Select image to enlarge.

Compared to SkyTrain stations, the proposed light rail stations will be streamlined. The following is an example of a typical light rail station as is currently being proposed.

Proposed typical cross-section of Surrey LRT station. Select image to enlarge.

Because light rail stations are at street level, there will always be clear sight-lines between the street and the stations which will enhance the safety of people at the stations, and surrounding businesses and residents, due to “eyes and ears” on the street.

The information posted also shows how current signalized intersections will operate with LRT, including the introduction of legal U-turns at certain major intersections as minor intersections along King George and 104 will be transformed into right-in, right-out only intersections.

The following rendering shows how light rail could integrate with Surrey Central SkyTrain station.

A rendering of proposed integration between SkyTrain and light rail at Surrey Central. Select rendering to enlarge.

To complete an online survey to share your views, or to find out more information about upcoming open houses, please visit TransLink’s Surrey LRT Project page.

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