Thursday, June 15, 2017

June 12, 2017 Council Meeting Notes: Part 3, New Five-Year Strategic Plan Approved

On Monday night, Council approved the new 5-year strategic plan for Langley City. This plan will help guide council and staff over the next five years. One of the overriding goals of the City is to provide “Full Circle Customer Service.” This means providing exceptional customer service based on: showing courtesy and respect, being clear and accurate, being accountable, providing a timely response, and following up with people.

The key areas that the City will be focusing on over the next five years are shown below. I’ve also shown some of the key initiatives within each of the areas.

  1. Infrastructure Renewal
    • Develop an asset management policy to establish the organization’s commitment to asset management with stable, long-term funding for the operation, maintenance, renewal, replacement or decommissioning of municipal assets.
    • Enhance the multi-modal transportation network within the community and to encourage greater pedestrian and cyclist use as per the Master Transportation Plan.
    • Explore the feasibility and conduct a business case analysis for a municipal fiber-optic utility program.
  2. Quality of Life
    • Develop a community events and festivals strategy.
    • Support community pride and civic engagement programs to promote neighbourhood identity and image.
    • Update Affordable Housing Strategy.
    • Explore the feasibility of developing a Performing Arts Centre in partnership with other levels of government, philanthropists, private and service organizations, and other stakeholders.
  3. Communication
    • Conduct a Community Survey tri-annually.
    • Develop a Civic Engagement Plan to improve the levels of engagement and communication with our citizens, businesses and stakeholders.
    • Hold regular neighbourhood meetings and other forums, for City Council to communicate and interact directly with residents.
  4. Revitalization
    • Support and actively participate in shaping a vibrant, safe and clean downtown.
    • Access feasibility to create a hub for innovation, education, technology, health, and entertainment.
    • Collaborate with property owners interested in improving their streets through local improvement areas and seek senior government levels of funding where possible.
  5. Environment
    • Develop an invasive species inventory and management strategy.
    • Update Tree Inventory and Develop a Tree Asset Management Plan.
    • Develop an Urban Forest Management Strategy.
  6. Protective Services
    • Implement the strategies from the Homelessness Strategic Plan.
    • Implement the strategies from the Crime Prevention Plan.
    • Create a multi-departmental Core Enforcement Team to address public safety and homelessness issues.
  7. Organization Excellence
    • Maintain our results-oriented work force that possesses a ‘can do’ attitude.
    • Deliver efficient and effective services and programs by performing regular reviews to ensure services remain efficient and reflect what the community wants.
    • Develop mechanisms to promote, and indicators to measure, an engaged, safe, innovative, and involved workforce.

One of the important parts of this new plan is that it clearly outlines which City department(s) will be leading the initiatives, and when they are expected to be completed. A plan is only a paperweight if it isn’t acted upon, and progress monitored. This plan will have performance metrics to ensure that progress is made. These metrics will be expanded to include all of the City’s master plans as well.

For more information about the new five-year strategic plan, and to view all the initiatives, please visit the City’s website.

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