Thursday, February 16, 2017

Yet more bus service coming to Clayton Heights and Willoughby

Thanks to the approval of the new 10-Year Vision for TransLink which was approved by the Mayors’ Council, with some funding support from the provincial and federal governments, transit service is improving in the South of Fraser.

One of the areas where transit service needs improvement is in Clayton Heights in Surrey and Willoughby in the Township of Langley. TransLink recently introduced bus service along 208th Street. The transportation agency is now looking to introduce another bus service as shown on the following map.

Map of proposed 372 Clayton Heights/Langley Centre bus route. Select map to enlarge.

This proposed new transit service will be within walking distance of 19,000 people, and will give around 2,000 people access to transit who didn’t previously. The route will have bus service every 30 minutes from early morning until 10pm on weekdays, and until 9pm on weekend.

Map of population increase between 2011 and 2016 census. Select map to enlarge. Source: CensusMapper

Some of the other improvements for Langley residents as part of phase one of the 10-Year Vision include:

  • New B-Line on Fraser Highway with 15 minute or better service
  • 501 with 30-minute service until 10:30PM
  • 502 with more trips during weekday peak periods, Saturday mornings and evenings
  • 555 with increased weekday peak periods service every 6 minutes

TransLink is looking for public feedback on these proposed changes. You can submit your feedback on TransLink’s website until March 6th.

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