Thursday, February 23, 2017

Four areas selected for traffic calming in Langley City

One of the things that I hear regularly from residents in our community is the desire for people to slow down when driving their motor vehicles in our neighbourhoods, especially around parks and schools.

Earlier this week, Langley City council approved its 2017 Financial Plan. Within that plan, $400,000 has been allocated for traffic calming throughout the community.

Langley City proposed traffic calming areas in red. Select map to enlarge.

The following locations made the cut for this year:

  • 50 Avenue around Conder Park
  • 198 Street around Brydon Park
  • Michaud Crescent around Linwood Park
  • 201A Street around Linwood Park

How does a section of street make it onto the traffic calming list? Residents normally have to request that a section of street be considered for traffic calming. If you want to request a section of street, please visit the City’s Request for Service site.

Based on the requests received, the City will get speed and traffic volume data for the section of street where traffic calming was requested. This information will be put into a scoring matrix which evaluates speed, volume, amount of short-cutting, collision rates, sidewalks, and proximity to schools, parks, or community centres.

If a section of street makes the cut, and budget is approved by council, the City will send out ballots to the surrounding neighbourhood where traffic calming is being proposed. If the neighbourhood votes yes, work starts on the design and costing for proposed traffic calming measures.

The proposed design will then be presented back to the neighbourhood for feedback. The design may be refined, and finally sent to council for approval.

As you can imagine this can take some time, but the end result is safer neighbourhoods were people can feel safer walking, cycling, and driving.

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