Monday, February 29, 2016

Moving forward after winning the by-election

This Saturday was one of the most nerve-racking days that I can recall. I ran for a seat on Langley City Council during the November 2014 general election, but missed out by 71 votes. I did not want a repeat of 2014.

I believed that people in Langley City shared my vision for a community that got the basics right such as improving and building sidewalks, enhancing lighting, improving safety in parks, and using good urban design. They just didn’t get a chance to hear about what I stood for.

With the help of an extremely dedicated group of volunteers, we were able to get that message out. I couldn’t have run this successful election campaign without them.

People in Langley City voted for simple solutions and fresh ideas at the Langley City Council table. Here are the preliminary results from the City of Langley’s website.

PACHAL, Nathan: 740
HILLAN, Kiernan: 557
NEWBERY, Sharon: 158
COBURN, Shelley: 141
KOSITSKY, Mel: 140
GRAN, Carol: 126
MAJ, Rae: 79
ROMAN, George: 76
OH, Serena: 57

Once the results are made official and I take an oath of office, I will become Langley City’s newest and youngest Councillor.

Posting on this blog will be a little sporadic over the next week. During the campaign, I put forward a set of solutions to make Langley City a better community. I will be compiling these solutions on this blog, and will post up a page shortly. I plan to update this page throughout my term on Council, so people can keep track of the progress made toward implementing these solutions.

Going forward, I plan on writing regular council meeting updates. Beside these council updates, there will be no change to the cadence or topics covered on this blog.

Thank you to everyone that supported me before and during the campaign. I will work hard to make Langley City the best community it can be for everyone that calls it home.

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