Tuesday, February 23, 2016

First Look at City of Langley's City Park Master Plan

The City of Langley recently hosted an open house for the new master plan for City Park that they are working on. This master plan will guide the development of the park over the next decade or so.

The first image from the open house shows what already exists at City Park. The south side of the park contains a “football” field. Because the Township of Langley has the McLeod Athletic Park which the City of Langley partially funds, and the Willoughby Community Park which has multiply synthetic turf fields and ample parking, there is limit demand for the “football” field at City Park.

Photos of the existing facilities at City Park. Select image to enlarge.

The City of Langley presented two options at the first open house for people to provide feedback on. The first option looks at trying to increase demand for the fields in the south by creating what they are calling a “soccer complex”. This option also includes a new multi-use field in the north end of the park. With the increased sports fields, comes increased traffic, and demand more for parking. Option 1 actually takes away park space for parking cars.

City Park Option 1 Preliminary Concept. Select image to enlarge.

Option 2 really is about making City Park a community park. The south field will be upgrade, but instead of a new soccer field and parking lot, a new flexible space will be created. This space could be used for community events, a place for people to picnic, or simply throw a ball around with friends and family. The baseball diamonds in the north end of the park are well used. Option 2 includes upgrading the baseball area of the park with a new diamond.

City Park Option 2 Preliminary Concept. Select image to enlarge.

Option 1 looks a trying to make City Park a sub-regional facility. Option 2 will better serve the demands of people that live in the area.

As part of the master plan for the park, the lighting in the park will be upgraded. This will improve the lighting for park uses while at the same time reduce light spilling into residential properties around the park.

I would prefer to see City Park serve the needs of the local community. I prefer options 2. If you would like to provide your feedback on the City Park Master Plan, please email engineering@langleycity.ca before March 4th.

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