Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SkyTrain Tour

On Friday, I had the chance to tour the SkyTrain control and maintenance yard. I've posted some pictures below that I thought where interesting.

Some quick facts about SkyTrain. During the busiest parts of the day, there are only 51 staff that are in the control room or out in the field. The big feature of SkyTrain is that you can have as little or as many trains as you like, but the staffing level can stays the same. Also, SkyTrain is the fastest rapid transit services in Canada with an average speed of 43.5km/h. Calgary's CTrain runs an average speed of 34km/h, while Toronto's street run on average speed of 15km/h.

Another interested fact about SkyTrain is that they run a special train that only goes from the inbound platform of Broadway-Commercial to Waterfront during rush-hour due to crowding.

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