Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't call it suburban sprawl

One of the things that people think of when you mention Surrey or Langley is suburban sprawl. I was using Google Earth's history feature and took a capture of East Clayton/200th Street in 1998 and 2008. Looking at this, you can actually see that 1st generation suburban development is being replaced by a much higher density urban footprint. Because the Agricultural Land Reserve protects Langley and Surrey's rural areas, we see a more urban development pattern. Clearly there is still many improvements that need to be made to our built form and you might even be able to call what is being built today urban sprawl, but it's not certainly not suburban!

Surrey/200th Street Corridor 1998. Click Image to Enlarge

Surrey/200th Street Corridor 2008. Click Image to Enlarge

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Anonymous said...

Densification is probably a requirement in the creation of modern complete community, but so is the presence of retail and community services as well as transportation links. A bunch of towers or town-house rows built without services at the far end of the cow pasture is still sprawl; transit to such areas is impractical, and people have to drive for ten minutes to buy a litre of milk. Cheers