Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New transit exchange for City of Langley and Township of Langley

At yesterday afternoon's Township of Langley council meeting TransLink gave a presentation on a proposal for new transit exchanges.
TransLink is proposing to initiate planning for transit exchanges in both the Willowbrook area and the City of Langley. The Transit Exchange and Area Plans will be undertaken as separate processes by one consultant due to interdependencies resulting from their close proximity and their shared role in supporting transit within the sub-region. TransLink has developed four alternative concepts to serve the Langley area:

Alternative 1 – all services terminate in the City of Langley’s downtown area;
Alternative 2 – all services terminate in Willowbrook;
Alternative 3 – services from the west and 200 Street terminate at Willowbrook and services from the east, south and 208 Street terminate in downtown Langley City, with Willowbrook and downtown Langley City connected by a circulator route;
Alternative 4- frequent services from the west serve Willowbrook and terminate in downtown Langley City; frequent services from the north terminate in downtown Langley City; services from the south, east and northeast serve downtown Langley City and then terminate in Willowbrook.

TransLink has determined Alternative 4 to be the preferred alternative in terms of meeting customer needs, supporting urban development and maximizing compatibility with future rapid transit on Fraser Highway. This option requires two exchanges, although they would be smaller than a single terminal. Buses serving Brookswood, Murrayville, Aldergrove and Fort Langley would stop at the downtown Langley City Transit Exchange prior to going to the Willowbrook Exchange. Frequent service buses on 208 Street would terminate in downtown Langley City.
TransLink is looking for $50,000 from the Township to complete the concept and area plan for the Willowbrook Transit Exchange. The whole project is being cost shared with TransLink and the City of Langley.

I was told that Mayor Green did not support this study.

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