Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More bus service in the Township of Langley

A few weeks ago, I was at the open house for TransLink’s “Moving Forward” plan to fund transportation improvements in the region. This is the gas tax increase and you can read more about the plan on a post I did at Civic Surrey. I had the chance to speak with one of TransLink’s senior transit planners and asked him about service improvements in Langley.

One thing that many people in Langley might not know is that without the “Moving Forward” plan, there will be no bus service along Highway 1 via the new Walnut Grove Park and Ride Lot that is being built. If the plan is approved there will be a bus every 10 minutes between Walnut Grove, Lougheed, and Surrey Central. Also, TransLink is looking at expanding the 509 bus service in Walnut Grove which is sorely needed.

I asked if there was anything in the works for improving frequency along the 200th Street corridor. I was told no. I then mentioned that the 595 and 501 both run along 200th Street, but right now they are not timed evenly. That means that you either have to wait 10 minutes or 20 minutes for the next bus. If TransLink tweaked the service a bit, they could get 15 minute service along 200th Street and make it part of the frequent transit network within. The senior planner said it seemed like a good idea, so here's hoping TransLink does that tweak.


Greg McKone said...

For over a decade walnut grove to surrey central service has been in place ( not every 10 minutes)

It sounded like this was being touted as a new service.

Te park and ride relocation coinciding with 200th overpass redesign was an example of compromise gone wrong.

Nathan Pachal said...

Very true, but right now the bus that goes around Walnut Grove doesn't run all day between there and Surrey. I believe this is one of the possible changes.