Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bike Lanes on Langley Bypass

If you've been along the Langley Bypass between Fraser Highway and 56th Avenue, you may have noticed that the road has received a bit of a face lift. Besides the new planted median, it has also received bike lanes and sidewalks. I took a few pictures of the changes.

Langley Bypass with new planted median, sidewalk, and bike lane

Sadly, all bike lanes come to an abrupt end in the City of Langley

It's great to see these positive improvements, but the challenge in Langley and the whole South of Fraser remains that while most new construction receives bike lanes and sidewalks, the network is noncontinuous. The perfect example is that Fraser Highway has bike lanes in Surrey and in the Township of Langley, but not in the City. Right now the number of people that use bikes to get around is pretty low and that's because there is no cycling infrastructure. But, I have the feeling that there is no cycling infrastructure because there are not enough people cycling. If Langley believes in active transportation, they must install bike lanes that can be used to connect from one end of the city to another. Maybe start off with one east-west route and one north-south route.

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