Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Coalition urges mayors to support transit funding

The next two weeks are critical for discussions on the future of transportation in the region - before a vote by the Mayors’ Council on funding TransLink’s “Moving Forward” plan. We urge regional leaders to seize this opportunity to further build consensus on transit funding - sufficient to meet the needs of a growing region and economy.

The “Moving Forward” plan includes the Evergreen Line; Rapid Bus connecting Langley, Surrey and Burnaby; improved bus service around the region; and funding for roads and cycling. The STC supports funding critical transportation improvements through means other than property taxes. Preferred new funding options include smart road pricing, vehicle registration fees and future carbon tax revenue.

With transit ridership reaching record levels this year following the very successful 2010 Olympic Games, investment is badly needed to meet rapidly growing demand and ensure the competitiveness of our regional and national economies. Building the Evergreen Line and the other measures in the “Moving Forward” package will also provide many jobs and give people more affordable transportation options.

The Sustainable Transportation Coalition is a non-partisan alliance dedicated to building support for long-term transportation funding solutions to create a more livable and economically vibrant region. Coalition members include BC & the Yukon - Architecture Canada, Better Environmentally Sound Transportation, Modo The Car Co-op, the South Coast Chapter - Planning Institute of BC, South Fraser OnTrax, Third Wave Cycling Group and Voters Taking Action on Climate Change.

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