Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Roads and People

So, I was reading the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Act and came across this interesting section about the major road network.
Limits on municipal authority
21 (1) Despite the Community Charter, the Vancouver Charter or any other enactment, a municipality must not, without the approval of the authority, take, authorize or permit any action that would reduce the capacity of all or any part of the major road network to move people.
I was also under the impression that once a road was placed into the major road network, you couldn’t remove lane capacity for vehicles. It is encouraging that the act says people. That mean that on 200th Street, the Township of Langley could remove a general purpose lane and make it into a rapid transit lane because you would actually be providing more capacity to move people.

On the topic of TransLink, I’m getting a bit concerned about the funding future of the agency. The Province and the Mayor’s Council appear to be in a bit of funding brinksmanship right now. I wonder what transit would be like if more people in power actually took it…

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