Friday, July 17, 2009

Park Avenue

So in exciting news, it looks like there will be a new development in Downtown Langley on Douglas Crescent and Park Avenue. You can read about it in the Langley Advance and Langley Time.

I wanted to point out a few interesting facts. Park Avenue will be closed. This is important because it was also part of the Spirit Square Design Process. It was envisioned to see the West/East running part of Park Avenue terminate into a mini-planted traffic circle. Also, it was envisioned that there would be a pedestrian-access commercial facing the park.

I’ve placed a call into the City, but based on the information released to date, it appears that this new development is not mixed-use. This is similar to the development at the corner of Fraser Highway and 201A Street. South Fraser OnTrax was disappointed that this development was not mixed-use.

This is from the Downtown Master Plan
Park Avenue: As reflected in the name, this special design district recommends a higher quality compact 4 storey development fronting on Douglas Park. Park Avenue would be “calmed” for local access so the development is almost an extension of the park and associated recreation activities. The development program will include:
-4 storey residential development built in clusters with green centre courts;
-Retail commercial or office fronting on Douglas Crescent; and
-Retention of historic Federal Building located at the corner of Douglas Crescent and 204th Street.
I can understand why commercial development isn’t big on the City’s priority list, but I believe that the City should allow for highly successful live-work units.

I am happy that the parking lot will be put to a better use.

Update 9:06pm: It has been confirm that this is a residential only building.


Anonymous said...

Mixed-use there might be a tough sell as there are so many empty storefronts available on both Douglas Crescent and Fraser Highway. I suspect the City is looking to fill those first.

Nathan Pachal said...

that was my thought too, but I know the live/work stuff has been successful. So maybe the City shouldn't been looking at the traditional storefront stuff, and look more at live/work?