Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Street of the Future

The following graphic is from GOOD Magazine that was directed our way from Langley Politics.

You'll have to visit their website to get the interactive graphic.

Pedestrian street lighting, dedicated transit lanes, separated bike lanes, pedestrian leading signals, curb extension, raised/textured crosswalks, speed bumps, street livery, and bollards are some of the tools this graphic suggests for creating a complete road. I agree with all these recommendations.

In the South Fraser we have some ways to go before we get to this ideal street, but there has been some progress on secondary streets like 116th Street in Delta and other traffic calmed streets, but no one has dared to touch a major road in a major way.

I think it will take some bold moves on the part of our local governments to see complete roads. King George Highway and 200th Street are two corridors that come to mind that could get converted to complete roads status. The right-of-way is there for sure. I think 200th Street is in a better position than King George Highway at becoming at complete road; it is 80% there with the pathway system on each side of 200th. All it needs are intersection improvement (bike boxes and pedestrian priority measures) to make the street more bike and people friends and, of course, mixed-use development.

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