Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Election Series

Good morning, today starts the first part of a series for the upcoming provincial election on May 12th. We asked candidates from the Green Party, BC Liberals, and NDP from the Fort Langley-Aldergrove and Langley ridings two simple questions. We will post the responses we received in the order in which we received them. Today we will hear from the NDP’s Langley candidate Kathleen Stephany.

What will your government do to promote sustainable community design?
By creating the green bonds, we will be able to fund significant green infrastructure developments in addition to helping develop a safe investment that will help stabilize the economy. The NDP has always been concerned about the environment and sustainable development, and that is a high priority for Kathleen Stephany as well.

What will your government do to get light rail and other forms of alternative transportation built in the South of Fraser?
The plan to get light rail out to the South of Fraser by 2031 is obscene. The South of Fraser needs light rail now. While there are many priorities around the province, we can not promise shovels in the ground as of May 13th, however, Kathleen Stephany vows to be a strong advocate for light rail to be taken out to Langley, and beyond as soon as possible.

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