Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bus News and Suggestions

This is a bit of old news that I blogged a month ago, but on April 20th TransLink will be improving bus service. The 502 will be improving from 10 minute peak service to 7 minute peak service. This is much needed as the following picture shows.

Also the 502 will now improve from running every hour to every half-hour for Aldergrove service.

While on the topic of buses, there is one thing that always seemed odd about bus service here. Bus stops are normally located after an intersection. This is fine most of the time, but I think TransLink should look at changing bus stops where two busy route meet from this:

To this:
As it stands now, you have to cross a street whenever you need to transfer buses. If you changed it to the way I propose, you wouldn’t have to cross the street going one direction, but you would have to cross the street twice going the other direction. Basically, you would do this when you know the direction most people went. I wouldn’t do this everywhere, but intersections like 152nd Street and Fraser Highway might be a good candidate for this design. The minute or so saved could be the difference between catching your bus or having to waiting 30 minutes.

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