Thursday, December 11, 2008

You Gotta Love Em - Light Rail in South Fraser Gaining Traction

In today's Province Newspapers Brian Lewis talks about a recent chat that new TransLink chief executive officer Thomas Prendergast had with the Surrey Board of Trade at their invitation. As Brian points out, Prendergast came to us from the USA where he served over 30 years in posts that included senior vice-president of New York's subway system and president of the Long Island Rail Road, the largest commuter railroad in the US.

So why do we love him? Because he gets it! Here is what Brian Lewis had to say:

"Yes, the man knows his rails and, as he said yesterday, he's not about to dismiss either light rail or the existing Interurban right-of-way options as TransLink plans its options for south of the Fraser.

Nor is he convinced that SkyTrain's extension in Surrey has to be a continuation of the elevated system.

In fact, when TransLink announces today that it's embarking on two new major studies -- one covering a westward, rapid-transit extension to the University of B.C. and the other focusing on Surrey -- the latter study will look at all options, Prendergast told me yesterday."


Corey said...

Yay, more studies!

:rolls eyes:

Unknown said...

I say we construct the entire system from discarded studies. We should have enough by now.