Thursday, December 4, 2008

Translink Security

Way back in April of this year, I wrote a post about SkyTrain security. For some background, the provincial government is proposing to spend $125+ million to add security gates at all stations. I thought they could skip the gate system plus gate attendants, and just add security guards at the stations to save money while providing enhanced security.

Today I received an email from "TransLink Listens" email saying:

TransLink has introduced dedicated station attendants at the four SkyTrain stations (Surrey Central, New Westminster, Broadway and Main) where people have the most security concerns, as well as increasing staff presence at Metrotown in the evenings whenever possible. 61% of TransLink Listens panelists support dedicated staff at stations.
This is a very good step as there will now be attendants at these stations at all times. It would be great to see this program roled out at more station in the future. It looks like there are some positive changes happening at Translink...


tominvan said...

Putting staff at stations is a good thing. But I do have some concerns. I have spoken to many Skytrain attendants and the majority have told me that they do not do security work, and have no powers. I believe what they are saying, as Translink pubicly stated on their website that Skytrain attendants have no powers of arrest or enforcement. They may check fares, but do not enforce rules and regulations. To me this says we'll put someone there, but they can't do anything if something happens. I'm sure they'd call police, but this does not make sense to me. Who can enforce these rules and regulations if Skytrain attendants can't?


Nathan Pachal said...

In Portland they have transit security that work with the transit police