Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Newswire Surrey

I received the following news second hand. I was told that Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts during her inaugural council meeting speech said that by the next municipal election, in 2011, she will have the Interurban restored in Surrey. This is truly exciting news. From Surrey to Abbotsford, and now even Chilliwack, there is a real desire from our local leaders to see light rail in the South Fraser and Fraser Valley. I hope the Province and Translink are paying close attention. The time is right for light rail.


Corey said...

I wonder if she just meant the heritage run, or a real passenger service.

Falcon must be feeling a bit hot under the collar these days. Maybe it's time he took a trip to Europe to see what great urban places LRT is creating.

But then he probably doesn't know or care about great urbanism, judging from his actions.

Robert W. White said...

Woo! Go Diane Watts!

Unknown said...

Wow. I was expecting to see at least two 2's at the beginning of that date.