Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SkyTrain Time

Good morning. I’m now back to day shift, so that means I get to deal with rush hour transit again. Anyways, on the SkyTrain today I happened to notices two interesting things. First there were about six firefighters from the Township of Langley, in uniform, riding SkyTrain. Good on the Township staff for using transit for work. Now if only more of our (federal/provincial) politicians took transit on a daily bases in the South Fraser, imagine the kind of changes we would see to our system. And fast. Speaking about change, Translink has new brochures on SkyTrain about Broadway Station. They are upgrading the station to include:

-A new 10th Avenue entrance
-New glass walls at the concourse level
-Removal of the elevator at the north end of the station to be replaced with a new south end elevator
-Replacement of concrete walls with glass walls at the top of the stairs and escalator for visibility.

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